Who We Are

I have always had an affiliation with design, firstly with a career designing and buying soft furnishing fabrics, then fashion.

When the Christchurch earthquakes turned our lives upside down, it forced me to rethink many aspects of my life. I decided to leave my job which required frequent overseas trips & look for a more sustainable career that allowed me to stay closer to my husband & 2 young daughters.

In 2012 I founded Ico Traders.  I was working from home so it was a natural progression for me to start designing for in & around my environment. Wire furniture became my obsession & continues to this day.  Designing is an ever-changing process & introducing solid oak as an element into our range means that we can handcraft more here, in New Zealand.

In 2020 Ico Traders is still a small kiwi company consisting of me, my part-time sidekicks Bridgett & Georgia & my constant furry companions.

My aim is to design timeless styles without compromising innovation or functionality, I hope you love your purchases as much as I love designing them.

Miranda Osborne, Ico Traders

Handcrafted Wire Furniture

Ico wire furniture is designed by Miranda and is exclusive to Ico Traders. Many hours of thought has gone into each design, each piece created is simple in design and functional in use.

The simpleness of the designs, allow them to outlast fashion trends and sit comfortably within any interior or exterior style. While so many of todays products are disposable, our aim is to make timeless designs that can be passed onto the next generation.

Each design is manufactured using a hand crafted method, shaping and spot welding every wire, to create both strength, comfort and style, the wires are placed closely together for seating and surprise all with how comfortable they are.  Cushions are aesthetically pleasing, but totally not necessary.

Our wire furniture has a Dulux Zincshield base coat for rust resistance, (or for black tables that need heat resistance too, a PVDF base coat), & then they are powdercoated in Ico Traders exclusive colour range (or custom coloured on request). This means they can be used both inside and in sheltered outdoor areas.  However, with our beautiful but harsh New Zealand climate, the more you care for your furniture, the longer it will last.  If you do live close to the coast, or in an area of high rainfall,  you may like to consider having your furniture powdercoated with an extra layer to further prevent wear & we are happy to organise this for you. (Please note that Gold & Copper colourways are coloured using a different process and cannot be used outdoors).

Read here for more information how to care for your wire furniture

Iron is a sustainable resource and easily recyclable, making it an obvious choice of material for our wire. Many of our larger products require a minimum amount of assembly (attaching of legs). We have purposely designed them as such, so they can be packed in boxes of two, making them easy to ship and thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. We are committed to considering issues of environmental impact and responsible manufacturing processes. Our workforce is treated with the utmost respect and our facilities minimise waste whenever possible.

Oak Furniture & Homewares

I am proud to be working with a talented wood craftsman here in Christchurch, who hand makes our solid wood tables, shelves & benches, enabling us to create original designs exclusive to Ico Traders.  We create standard sizing for stock but can also make bespoke pieces to your own specifications.

Mixing wood and wire together, we have created a range of simple designs of premium quality, handcrafted furniture, that has both style & function. The American White Oak we use is sustainably grown and harvested in the eastern states. It is kiln dried and graded before being exported to New Zealand.

Brought in as rough sawn boards in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths, they have to be cut to specification and machined to reveal the grain. The boards are then hand-selected and matched to create consistent colour and grain pattern once the piece has been created.  The timber is machine sanded, then by hand to obtain a flawless surface. All larger tables have metal inserts underneath to ensure they never EVER warp.  Once smooth the Oak is sealed, resanded & lastly, a non-toxic lacquer is applied for a longlasting finish. For commercial projects, we can use a 2 pac finish on request.


A little love goes a long way!

Silicone free finish is a non-toxic  product.  It is very durable &  is applied with care and attention to every detail. However, the New Zealand climate can be harsh and there are certain steps you can take to prolong the life of your beautiful natural product. Coasters and placemats will help reduce wear and tear. As timber is a natural product, direct sunlight will cause damage just like it does to our skin, so avoid placing your pieces in direct heat and sun where possible.

Light Cleaning: use a soft dry microfiber cloth or feather duster. All spills should be cleaned immediately. General Cleaning: use a microfiber cloth and mild detergent. Remove residual detergent with a damp cloth. Dry the surface with a soft clean dry cloth to remove all water and to reduce streaking. Subdued Gloss Surface (Satin or Semi Gloss): Sprayglow furniture polish may be used to preserve a deep lustrous, no shine glow. Silicone free it is specially formulated with just the right blend of natural oils and waxes to enrich the coating. MIROWAX Wood Finishing Wax is a natural wax polish that produces a low gloss finish.


TIPTOE’s mission is to offer a creative experience that goes way beyond traditional furniture.

Making sustainable furniture long-lasting & creative, well-designed in Paris & carefully-made in Europe.

Every TIPTOE product has been designed so that you can immediately & easily create something new. By using TIPTOE screw-on legs & your own choice of top, every piece of furniture you build is truly unique. You’re free to use it in a different way at every stage of your life.

TIPTOE products are carefully manufactured in European factories where solid and long-lasting relationships have been built. When it comes to production, standards are high on both material quality & the flawless finish of every piece manufactured.

Founded in 2015  by Matthieu Bourgeaux & Vincent Quesada

Born into a family of steel manufacturers near the French Alps, entrepreneurship has been running in Matthieu’s veins for three generations.  Along with his passion for interior & furniture design, Matthieu is a lifelong fan of travel & wild spaces. Every new trip has nurtured his thinking about living spaces & daily habits. Vincent settled in Paris in 2015 to partner with his long-time friend Matthieu. Fueled by years spent in cities like New York, Berlin, London, Shanghai & Barcelona, Vincent’s daily thinking revolves around modern lifestyles & the importance of shaping inspiring & creative homes.


Wilson & Dorset’s goal is to “redefine lounging” with its collection of curly wool rugs, shaggy bags, sheepskins and stacking stones – to free up space in homes and get people thinking about connecting more closely with nature.

Their design philosophy supports a fluid and open way of living, with pieces work in harmony, nurturing a dynamic and balanced lifestyle.

The large collection of New Zealand wool rugs, shaggy bags, sheepskins & natural wool stacking stones act as individual pieces in their own right, but they are designed to work together, to create an intelligent lounging system. Each piece is easily transportable and be moved from one space to another.

Wilson & Dorset select high quality New Zealand sheepskins in their natural form, highlighting the variations of tone and texture &  showcasing the raw, natural beauty of wool. Wool is a natural insulator, durable, stain resistant and biodegradable.

Ico Traders is the South Island agent for Pressed Tin Panels in New Zealand.

Pressed metal panels are making a strong impact on the architectural and interior design world. They are being used in modern new builds for both residential & commercial developments & also for restoration projects. After searching far and wide, we are thrilled to have found an Australian manufacturer for pressed metal panels, whose pride in their work is second to none, they seriously live and breathe this stuff!

Pressed Tin Panels ™ is family owned and has operated since 1999, they specialise in the reproduction of the Wunderlich Pressed Metal products  (originally produced from the late 1800’s to the cease of production in the 1950’s).

Importantly, they choose to use top end mill grade metal so that the panels do not bow or dent & every metal panel has a small overlap on each side, to create a seamless join when using more than one. (Most designs can be installed vertically or horizontally). Pressed Tin Panels™ have achieved a high standard of pattern impression and panel design consistency.  The accuracy and care and attention to detail allow for ease of installation and matching of panels.

Each pressed metal panel made by Pressed Tin Panels™ is treated with a non-chromate solution, which prepares the surface for subsequent painting or powder coating. When using in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or outside areas, we recommend you powder coat them (you can have them painted clear or to a colour of your choice), which will give you maximum protection.

Ico Traders stock 8 designs & can order in any other designs from Pressed Tin Panels™ on request. Please note that indent orders incur a fee of $250.00, (that includes the domestic delivery for up to 20 panels). Lead times are 2-4 weeks.

Available in either: 900mm x 1800mm: $160.00 each, or 600mm x 1800mm: $150.00 each (panel size depends on pattern). We freight everywhere in New Zealand & an installation instruction sheet is included with all orders. Freight costs are as follows, inclusive of GST:

  • 1-2 panels: $100.00
  • 3-6 panels: $150.00
  • 6-20 panels: $250.00
  • Indent orders for up to 20 panels: $250.00

For installation instruction for all applications please go to: