Pressed tin panels are making a strong impact in the architectural and interior design world, being used in both modern and restoration applications.

After searching far and wide, we were thrilled to find an Austrialian manufactorer for pressed tin, whose pride in their work is second to none, they live and breathe this stuff!

Pressed Tin Panels is an Australian family owned and has operated since 1999. They specialise in the reproduction of the Wunderlich Pressed Metal products (that were originally produced from the late 1800’s to the cease of production in the 1950’s).

They choose to use top end mill grade, so that the panels do not bow or dent. Every metal panel has a small overlap on each side, to create a seamless join when using more than one. (most designs can be installed vertically or horizontally). Pressed Tin panels have achieved a high standard of pattern impression and panel design consistency and accuracy, the care and attention to detail allows for ease of installation and the ability to match the original Wunderlich panels with reproduced panels.

Each pressed tin panel is treated with a non-chromate treatment, which prepares the surface for subsequent painting or powder coating. When using in wet areas such as Bathrooms, kitchens or outside, we recommend you powdercoat them (clear or coloured), for maximum protection.

Ico Traders stock 7 designs, but we can order from in any of the Pressed Tin Panels on request. Please note that indent orders incurr a fee of $250.00, (that includes the domestic delivery for up to 20 panels), and have a leadtime of 2-4 weeks.

Available in either: 900mm x 1800mm: $160.00 each, or 600mm x 1800mm: $150.00 each (panel size depends on pattern).

Pressed tin panels can be shipped anywhere in New Zealand and a installation instruction asheet is included with all orders.

Freight costs are as follows and are inclusive of GST:

  • 1-2 panels: $100.00
  • 3-6 panels: $150.00
  • 6-20 panels: $250.00
  • Indent orders for up to 20 panels: $250.00

For installation instruction for all applications please go to: