Zincshield Powder Coating Primer

Ico Traders uses Dulux Zincshield powder coating primer which provides excellent corrosion protection.  Zincshield protects steel from corrosion, whilst providing a sound substrate for powder coating.

The technology inherent in Zincshield and the powder coating application process delivers significant benefits for our end products, including:

  • a lower processing temperature which means its less likely to affect steels which have been tempered or heat treated
  • a smooth finish with no “dags” or sharp edges
  • no “pin holes” or “blow holes” as potential sites of corrosion
  • a robust non-porous coating system
  • dual corrosion resistant features.

If you would like to know more about Dulux  Zincshield the following technical documents can be downloaded.

Dulux Zincshield Brochure

Safety Data Sheet

Product Usage Information