Handcrafted Wire Furniture

Ico wire furniture is designed by Miranda and is exclusive to Ico Traders. Many hours of thought has gone into each design, each piece created is simple in design and functional in use.

The simpleness of the designs, allow them to outlast fashion trends and sit comfortably within any interior or exterior style. While so many of todays products are disposable, our aim is to make timeless designs that can be passed onto the next generation.

Each design is manufactured using a hand crafted method, shaping and spot welding every wire, to create both strength, comfort and style, the wires are placed closely together for seating and surprise all with how comfortable they are.  Cushions are aesthetically pleasing, but totally not necessary.

Our wire furniture has a Dulux Zincshield base coat for rust resistance, (or for black tables that need heat resistance too, a PVDF base coat), & then they are powdercoated in Ico Traders exclusive colour range (or custom coloured on request). This means they can be used both inside and in sheltered outdoor areas.  However, with our beautiful but harsh New Zealand climate, the more you care for your furniture, the longer it will last.  If you do live close to the coast, or in an area of high rainfall,  you may like to consider having your furniture powdercoated with an extra layer to further prevent wear & we are happy to organise this for you. (Please note that Gold & Copper colourways are coloured using a different process and cannot be used outdoors).


Caring for your Wire Furniture

Iron is a sustainable resource and easily recyclable, making it an obvious choice of material for our wire. Many of our larger products require a minimum amount of assembly (attaching of legs). We have purposely designed them as such, so they can be packed in boxes of two, making them easy to ship and thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. We are committed to considering issues of environmental impact and responsible manufacturing processes. Our workforce is treated with the utmost respect and our facilities minimise waste whenever possible.

Read here for more information how to care for your wire furniture