Sheepskins, Shaggy Bags & Wool Rugs by Wilson & Dorset

Wilson & Dorset’s goal is to “redefine lounging” with its collection of curly wool rugs, shaggy bags, sheepskins and stacking stones – to free up space in homes and get people thinking about connecting more closely with nature.

Their design philosophy supports a fluid and open way of living, with pieces work in harmony, nurturing a dynamic and balanced lifestyle.

The large collection of New Zealand wool rugs, shaggy bags, sheepskins & natural wool stacking stones act as individual pieces in their own right, but they are designed to work together, to create an intelligent lounging system. Each piece is easily transportable and be moved from one space to another.

Wilson & Dorset select high quality New Zealand sheepskins in their natural form, highlighting the variations of tone and texture &  showcasing the raw, natural beauty of wool. Wool is a natural insulator, durable, stain resistant and biodegradable.