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Ex Photo samples – Bantay Nesting Tables

Almost perfect – just not packed as prettily.

You will know by now that at Ico Traders, we love to design objects that are simple, functional & multipurpose!

Our Bantay nesting tables consist of 2 separate side tables, with each nesting table sitting inside the other when not in use,  it’s the perfect solution for small spaces.

The beauty of these coffee tables is that you are the master of how they are placed. There is no upside, downside or back to front.  You can sit them tall or sit them low, magazine holders up the top, or turn it flat side up & books at the bottom.  Even when placed on their sides, the loopy rolls will hold your favourite reads.

Because the metal plate fits all tables, you can change it up & move it around as needed. (Extra plates sold separately).

The set of Bantay nesting tables are for inside use only & includes:

1 x mid sized table with a single roll: 52 x 63 x 36cm

1 x small nesting table with double rolling: 47 x 57 x 36cm

1 x solid metal plate: 35 x 36.5cm (extras sold separately).

Custom colouring: $140/set

Original price was: $699.00.Current price is: $500.00.

or 6 weekly interest free payments of NZD $83.33 with

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