Willowby Hardtop – second – white

A little filled nick in the oak  – completely fine, but I don’t feel that I can sell it as a first, so knocking $100 off.  See photos for reference.

Just when you thought the Willowby cube couldn’t get better, we upped the ante & gave him a hard hat.

Our awesome Willowby Hardtop has more uses than you can poke a stick at.  It’s a handy little side table & magazine rack.  A bedside table. A footstool. An extra seat for that unexpected guest. A ladder, well not exactly, but it’s strong enough to stand on to reach those tricky higher spots. And now with his solid oak hardtop, he has a smoother, more solid surface & a whole new look.

The oak top is made locally in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This allows us to work closely with our cabinet maker, ensuring everything is just as we want it.  Every top is subtly different from the next and of a quality that will last a lifetime – NOT just a season.

There is a lot of love involved!  First, the solid oak timber is hand-selected to make sure the grain & the colour matches, then it’s machined & glued. Next, we sand it smooth & stain before sealing.  After that, we apply a silicone-free lacquer for premium protection.  Its a lot – but worth it!!!

(As timber is a natural product, direct sunlight will cause damage just like it does to our skin, so avoid placing your pieces in direct heat and sun where possible).

Being an all-time Ico Traders favourite, the Willowby Hardtops are available in all 8 Ico colours, however,  if you can’t find the exact colour you want we can arrange to have them custom coloured for you.

Measures 36W x 36L x 46cmH

Custom colouring: $65 per item



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