Sometimes accidents happen, furniture gets bumped & scratched. When this occurs, not only can it make it look scruffy, but moisture can seep in underneath the paint & create corrosion.  Best action is fast action & if it’s just a little scratch or bruise, then enamel spray paint might just do the job.

For smaller jobs, we recommend spraying into the lid of the can & applying with a small brush. If its a bigger issue, we can often bring a piece of furniture back to life by stripping, repriming & repowdercoating – please email us for a quote.

Our touch up paint is matched to our exclusive Ico Traders colours, using premium enamel paints.

NB// The shade of colour can vary slightly.  While we match as closely as possible, the dye batch variant & the age of the furniture can mean that the match is not always perfect.  Please test on a small underside before applying.

***Please advise the colour, required in the order notes.



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