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SECOND – Willowby All Black


Out of stock

SOLD OUT  FOR NOW…..The oak top of this little Willowby was returned to us, with a cut on the side, Grrrr!.

Bridgett has done a fabulous job sanding the edge and staining, but it’s not a first. It’s really not noticable, it’s a bargain at more than 25% off, the Willowby base is brand new.

Only 1 in stock.

The Willowby All Black wire side table represents the epitome of our design ethos.  A piece of wire furniture that combines form & function, looks the part & is practical too.

It’s been quite a journey to get here. First, we upped the ante on the Willowby by giving it a hard hat, now we’ve stepped it up again with our new, limited edition, Willowby All Black wire side table. It’s the creme de la creme of the Willowby world!!

There’s a whole lot of love gone into these New Zealand made tabletops. First, the solid oak timber is hand-selected to make sure the grain & the colour matches, then it’s machined & glued. Next, we sand it smooth & stain before sealing. After that, it still needs to be tinted & finally we apply the commercial-grade 2 pack clear topcoats, for premium protection. It’s a lot – but worth it!!!  As timber is a natural product, direct sunlight will cause damage just like it does to our skin, so avoid placing your pieces in direct heat and sun where possible.

While the Willowby All Black is more sophisticated than the others, it’s just as useful & equally as hardworking. It’s a handy little side table with a magazine rack.  A bedside table. A footstool. An extra seat for that unexpected guest (same seat height as a standard chair). A ladder, well not exactly, but it’s strong enough to stand on to reach those tricky higher spots. Use it in multiples – create your own larger sized coffee tables and unique design spaces.

Measures 36W x 36L x 46cmH


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