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WISE WOOL inner for the Shaggy Sheepskin Cushion


We’ve gone ‘fully woolly.’ Our Sheepskin Cushions can now be filled with natural, sustainable 100% New Zealand sheep’s wool – they are truly feel-good on every level.

Wilson & Dorset sheepskin products are high quality and long lasting. When you bring one into your home it’s like gaining a lifelong companion. Buy for life not landfill.

When you use cushion inners made from Wisewool’s engineered wool buds, you retain all the natural benefits of  pure New Zealand wool.

The result is a cushion that is truly feel-good on every level. Each product is of the land, harnessing wool’s natural attributes, and will return to the land at the end of its long life.

Wool always comes out on top! It doesn’t shed microplastics and has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Its natural resilience also gives wool products a longer lifespan than their manufactured counterparts. Furthermore, wool is biodegradable and contains renewable atmospheric carbon. So when it finally is returned to the earth, it fertilises and oxygenates the ground by releasing valuable restorative nutrients into the soil.

Measures 40cm x 40cm

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