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Benmore Bench Seat photosample – Sage


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Used for our latest photoshoot – almost perfect except for the packaging

The Benmore is known for its simplicity, sleek lines & usefulness.  Move it around your home as your lifestyle changes. Use it outside in summer & indoors when the seasons change. The Benmore fits most dining tables & is wide enough to sit at the end of a bed. Use it as a statement piece in your entranceway, or in a quiet space, sitting on your porch.

The additional design feature of a moveable solid metal plate creates even more options. Position the plate on top to create a stable place for cups & glasses, or place  it on the bottom rungs to create a hold for shoes, books, & plants. For a sleeker more streamlined look, remove it completely.
Each bench comes with one plate included & extras are available for purchase separately. Because of the handcrafted nature of making the Benmore bench, each one is unique. Our furniture is not mass produced! The straightness of wires depends on where the wire is taken from the roll. We consider a little wiggle in the wires as personality, not a fault.

The Benmore Bench is available in a range of Ico Traders’ exclusive colours, however, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can arrange custom colouring for you.

Measures: 150L x 38D x 46cmH

Custom colouring: $140.00 per bench

To keep your Ico Traders furniture in the best possible condition, please follow these instructions for use and maintenance.

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