Dunedin Barleaner (75cm seat) – STAINLESS STEEL

The Dunedin barleaner stool is now available in Stainless Steel!!

While New Zealand is the best place in the world to live, the climate can be harsh – especially in coastal areas with their salty sea winds. Unfortunately, mild steel and sticky salt air are not friends.  While we do all we can to protect our designs from corrosion, sometimes it’s necessary to step it up & bring in the big guns. Stainless Steel is the best defence against sea spray, ocean winds, humidity & high rainfall areas. It is a much stronger and more durable base material, with increased corrosion resistance. If you do live near the ocean or where it rains a lot, we recommend you choose to invest in stainless steel.

First there was the Devonport dining chair, then the Dunedin kitchen stool & NOW a bar leaner height, barstool in this popular design.

The Dunedin bar leaner stool delivers on our “simple is best” ethos, mimicking the style of its forbearers, but with a seat height of 75cm for you to perch on. Its sleek lines give it style while the durable wire-frame means they are here to stay. As with all our wire furniture, the Dunedin bar leaner is incredibly versatile and perfect for the home. Because they are stackable, they work well in commercial spaces as furniture in cafes, bars & restaurants too.

We’ve done the work to make sure the wires are perfectly spaced for maximum comfort without extra cushioning. However, with added style & even more comfort in mind, we created an outdoor chair pad that fits both the Devonport chair & the Dunedin barstool (sold separately).

Stock is available in 3 colours, however, if you want another colour, we can arrange to have them custom powder coated.

Custom colouring: $90.00 per barstool

Measures – Full height 95cm, Seat 75cm, Width 45cm, Depth 45cm.


*Note: Like a white Tshirt where every mark shows, a small amount of staining may still occur on lighter colourways.

To keep your Ico Traders furniture in the best possible condition, please follow these instructions for use and maintenance.


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