Pressed metal panel pattern, Beresford cornice by Pressed Tin Panels

Beresford cornice


Cornice Size:

– 1840mm or 6ft approx. length.

A Cornice Mounting Strip is needed for the installation of every cornice made by Pressed Tin Panels™.

The Beresford Cornice is a smaller cornice design, featuring a repetitive oval pattern at the bottom of the design and is available in the standard cornice length of 1840mm. The Beresford Cornice is suitable for a range of ceiling installations and can be matched with any metal panel made by Pressed Tin Panels™.

For comparison of the cornice profiles of the design, against the other cornices, please click here for the Cornice Profile- Actual Sizes.

All cornices made by Pressed Tin Panels™ are acid etched and ready for painting or powdercoating, once they have been cut to size with an angle grinder and can then be glued into place, (nails and rivets can also be used).

A full set of installation instructions are supplied with your order, or you can click here:   Installation Guides

An indent delivery fee of $250.00 applies to this design.

Product Specifications:

– Please note that all measurements given are approximate and all cornice projections and depths can be manipulated for individual requirements.
– The cornice is made from a specialised, mill grade aluminium that is approximately 0.55mm thick.
– Painting or powder coating is recommended as without it panels are porous and surface scratches may be present as a result of the manufacturing process.


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