Pressed Tin Panels


The pressed metal Snowflake design is a stunning diamond and star pattern, popular as a tile alternative in both kitchens and bathroom’s, cafes and commercial areas.

We recommend you cut to size first with an angle grinder, then powder coat and finally glue into place, (nails and rivets can also be used).

All pressed metal panels designs made by Pressed Tin Panels™ are acid etched, ready for painting or powder coating.

A full set of installation instructions are supplied with your order, or you can click here:   Installation Guides

Panel Size:

– 922mm x 1837mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size:
– 305mm x 305mm approx.

Nationwide delivery fees apply:

1-2 panels: $100.00

3-6 panels: $150.00

7-9 panels: $250.00

10 panels or more: $300.00


or 6 weekly interest free payments of NZD $32.50 with

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