TIPTOE’s mission is to offer a creative experience that goes way beyond traditional furniture.

Making sustainable furniture long-lasting & creative, well-designed in Paris & carefully-made in Europe.

Every TIPTOE product has been designed so that you can immediately & easily create something new. By using TIPTOE screw-on legs & your own choice of top, every piece of furniture you build is truly unique. You’re free to use it in a different way at every stage of your life.

TIPTOE products are carefully manufactured in European factories where solid and long-lasting relationships have been built. When it comes to production, standards are high on both material quality & the flawless finish of every piece manufactured.

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Founded in 2015  by Matthieu Bourgeaux & Vincent Quesada

Born into a family of steel manufacturers near the French Alps, entrepreneurship has been running in Matthieu’s veins for three generations.  Along with his passion for interior & furniture design, Matthieu is a lifelong fan of travel & wild spaces. Every new trip has nurtured his thinking about living spaces & daily habits. Vincent settled in Paris in 2015 to partner with his long-time friend Matthieu. Fueled by years spent in cities like New York, Berlin, London, Shanghai & Barcelona, Vincent’s daily thinking revolves around modern lifestyles & the importance of shaping inspiring & creative homes.